About us

Associating technology with the transport ecosystem, we change the mobility perspective making travel more convenient for our customers. With a transparent pricing policy, taxi services at Metrocity Taxis are dedicated to offer rides that are faster, safer and reliable. Our mobile applications redefine point-to-point transportation in urban centres extending a rapid system of booking taxis anywhere in the city, right from your smartphones. Metrocity Taxis aim to emerge as a trusted brand name for all customers with an urge to explore the world at prices that fits their budget.   

We render an incredible support system to empower several driver-entrepreneurs and help them explore immense earning opportunities in the industry. Our ability to constantly innovate and easily adapt to change is the reason for our success in delivering new and affordable ways to travel. We're focused on improving the transportation landscape while contributing to social and economic benefits.

HOTLINE - 0117 868 868

Email - Support@Metrocitytaxis.Com




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